Steps To Uninstall Syphunter

Over Windows 10 PC

  1. for Win 10 screen click on start menu and then select all apps.win10-unins1

  2. It can show all apps which are installed. Now find out spyhunter from the last and select it with right clicking on it. Now select Uninstall option. win10-unins3

Over Windows 7/Vista PC

  1. first of all start menu and then clicking on start button and now select Control Panel Option.win7-start

  2. In Control pannel, under the program category, choose and click on uninstall program.Programs1

  3. Now select program and features option then search and find for spyhunter in list. Then after highlight it and click on uninstall from computer.uinstall-sh-640x471

Over Windows 8 System

  1. Press Win + I key in order open setting charm bar. After click on Control panel option.Control-Panel-win-8

  2. Below the Program category, clicking uninstall a program in category view.Programs1 (1)

  3. Select for the list or program and features and find out spyhunter. Then after highlight it and click it fro computer.uinstall-sh-640x471 (1)